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Chief Technology Officer: Mr. Krishnaprasad

Mr. Krishnaprasad is a post graduate engineer who has acquired vast and varied experience in the copper winding wires manufacturing industry. He started his career with VOLTAS-WNC (Pune) as a management trainee and was responsible for the development of new products and process optimizations, including the KAPTON polyamide covered copper conductors used in Railway traction motor winding.

With over 30 years of professional experience covering a wide range of activities in copper wire industry, Mr. Krishnaprasad was responsible for many successful projects - the most recent one being the setting up of an 800 M.T per annum enameled copper wire plant at Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu). This plant is fully equipped with modern machinery including a fully automatic imported horizontal wire enameling machine acquired in Italy.

Mr. Krishnaprasad has acquired considerable knowledge of Indian wire & cable market operations, and also has had personal interaction with the CEOs and Managing Directors of leading winding wire manufacturing companies in India and around the world. This has created opportunities for Mr. Prasad to undertake new projects.