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With over 30 years of diverse experience in the winding wire Industry, Mr. Krishna Prasad is in a unique position to offer customized project consultancy services. In particular, the challenge of setting up the 4000 M.T. per annum winding wire manufacturing facilities at the Silvassa unit of Precision Wires India Ltd has enabled Mr. Krishna Prasad to undertake large- capacity modern manufacturing facilities. Installation, commissioning and trial production of 43 wire CTC conductor manufacturing machine at Precision Wires India Limited during 2006.This plant was procured from Queins GmbH.

Some of the projects accomplished by FWTech are:

Proteco SAS (Italy) : FWTech undertook Technical and marketing support for introducing CTC conductor manufacturing machinery from Proteco srl, Italy, in the Indian market during the period 2014-15. The CTC copper cable (Continuously transposed copper conductor cable) is widely used in power transformer windings to reduce eddy losses and to ensure the longevity of GRU transformers. Currently 3 machines are installed in India and working satisfactorily.




NTT (Italy): FWTech represented NTT (Italy) in India during 2014-15 for their Horizontal/vertical wire enameling plants for producing high quality enameled copper wire and strips. A number of enameling machines both imported and local design were installed in India over the last several years. These machines are reputed for their overall high quality performance.


Super Enamelled Copper wires project Coimbatore 2009-10
The scope of the consultancy work was comprehensive and started with the evaluation of land and power availability in and around Coimbatore (a fast growing city in India). The overall responsibility was to set up a magnet wire manufacturing facility for producing 700 M.T per annum of high quality enamelled copper wires. The connected load (power) requirements were finalised and the plant layout was designed to ensure optimum utilization of space and machinery.
The plant and machinery installed consisted of
1. A Tandem-operated 2-block double die heavy duty wire drawing machine for drawing 8.0 mm CCR rod wire to 2.8 mm with an online induction annealer for softening the 2.8 mm dia copper wire.
2. A high speed DELTA H4 2-line imported wire enamelling plant for producing enamelled copper wires.
3. A fully equipped modern quality assurance laboratory for the testing of the enamelled copper wires as per national and international standards.

Installation, commissioning of high speed polyester film taping machine at Bangalore during 2008-9:
This machine produced high quality taped conductors which are then used for making the stator coils for wind generators. The entire process line was for making the coils was refurbished to streamline the coil making.