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The range of services offered by Future Wire Technologies involve the following principal categories.

Selection of Process technologies
FWTech offers a complete packaged solution that selects the appropriate set of technologies suitable to the products selected by a project's promoter. For example if a company’s product range includes rectangular insulated wires such as taped conductors extensively used in transformer windings, the solution package would include defining the product quality standards, process parameters at wire drawing, rolling, annealing and taping.

The selection of the machines which can deliver the optimum quality and quantity of production are determined using these benchmarks. The overall scope of consultancy would include assistance in erection, commissioning and trial production of products. The above analogy extends to various insulated wire products used in different applications of power equipment.

In general, product quality standards are based on IEC and BIS standards. Corporate standards such as BHEL, ABB, Crompton Greaves and NTPC are also applicable in to the overall scope of our services.

Some of the products for which FWTech offers consultancy services are:

Enameled copper wires and strips up to class 200
Paper covered round and rectangular copper wires
Taped wires such as paper, NOMEX, KAPTON, Polyester film and Mica polyester.
CTC cable for large power transformer windings.

Designing of complete plant facilities
The scope of these services is dependent on the proposed plant installed capacities and product selection. The package of services offered would include close liaison with project civil engineers to determine the complete layout of all machinery including auxillaries, material handling solutions, quality assurance labs, utility systems, administration buildings and storage and dispatch systems. The overall factory layout would be completed with all the necessary civil aspects defined after extensive interaction with project civil authorities. These services also include the setting up of utilities such as water, power, air and lubricant supply systems.



Other areas of consultancy services
In addition to winding wire manufacturing projects FWTech also offers consultancy services for setting up dedicated manufacturing facilities for:

Stator coils for windmill generator stator winding
Rotor coils for windmill generator rotor winding
CTC (continuously transposed) conductors for power transformer winding
Aluminum/Copper enamelled wires manufactured as per promoters specification. Modular technologies supported by good quality enamelling machines and balancing equipment would ensure product quality at optimum cost